Assignment Two – Tutor Feedback and final video

I have just seen my tutor feedback for assignment two failed to upload hence why I am posting it now.

Assignment 2_

annotatedtutor report assignment 2

Having read through Peter’s feedback several times I am feeling motivated to investigate different aspects of film making and also to try things outside the box and beyond what is expected. I’ve ordered the British Documentary movement boxset which I’m sure will keep me busy with 40 movies! I found it on Amazon secondhand for only twenty pounds as opposed to eighty pounds for brand new.

Some points I found especially useful –

  • To take it to the next level, perhaps beyond what you were asked to do, I think you need to ask yourself if the movie itself in total tells us something we don’t already know, or at least think we know. It may be that you need to exaggerate or repress certain elements to achieve this, even to totally inventing something to do it. Perhaps looking at some of the early British documentary films (see below) will give you some idea of what I am trying to say.
  • Think about the relationship of rehearsal to impromptu to unscripted/improvised ways of working impact on the outcome and how you may best utilise these different methodologies to best express your particular ideas in the different projects you are engaged on.
  • As a video making the ‘mundane’; perhaps the everyday is a better description; interesting I think it works pretty well. However, I wonder if it really says anything much about your chosen topic, Mindfullness. It is more a narrative than an exploration of a state of being and I take Mindfulness to be the latter; that it touches on Mindfullness I have no doubt and there is no reason why a narrative should not explore a philosophical or psychological way of being but it is important to privilege the one over the other and for me it is the narrative of wish making that is foremost here. Only you can say if that really matters in the end.

His comment regarding the theme of the assignment is a good one. Perhaps it would have been more suited to choose the atmosphere of calmness, relaxation or purely peace. It did seem to encompass mindfulness with all the elements though. I will have to think what to do for assessment.

I’m pleased Peter thinks my blog is progressing and that I could be successful in final assessment. It feels like the end of the course is creeping up fast and I’m going to miss it when I finish it. So I want to learn as much as I possibly can and research a wide and diverse range of subjects. What appealed to me especially of his comments were ‘to think about more relevant or less relevant subjects (sometimes the ‘less’ ones are the most revealing and useful in the long run!)

I’ve been thinking about assignment three and have decided to go for the poisoned drink scenario. I don’t usually start with the assignment plan in mind but I feel for Part three it will be interesting to take part in the exercises and determine how it will work with the assignment.

Finished Video (Note due to Vimeo upload limits I had to submit at a slightly lower resolution)

Assignment Two – Updated ChloeClik from ChloeClik on Vimeo.

I took on board the points Peter had made and changed the following.

  • The atmosphere. As mentioned above Peter felt that the title didn’t quite match the video. Could mindfulness be an atmosphere. Personally I feel it can, it’s a feeling of being aware of your surroundings, using all your senses but I decided to follow his advice and change the atmosphere to ‘tranquility’ I do feel this works well now, the video doesn’t change and nor so does the mood but the title now works fluidly with the video.
  • Sound levels of the crows. Blending them a little. Fixed any sound issues that had escaped me such as the sudden decrease of volume of the crows.
  • Trimmed the shot when I walked around my actor. Due to shaky camera.
  • Added clink as pebbles touch. Replicated with stones in garden.
  • Evened out sound level.

Assignment One – Tutor Feedback and final video

I have been away for a fortnight in Scotland, I feel inspired and motivated by the scenery, art and landscape. I arrived home to find my tutor feedback.  was really pleased, he seemed to like my work, saw I’d put a lot of heart into my blog and I was thrilled with that. All my other tutors have said that I need to put more research on the blog so I’ve ensured I work extra hard with this and it seems to have paid off.

(note the link below are two documents with Peter’s feedback.

Analysis_annotated   Assignment One_annotated

His comment that I don’t need to make everything dramatic is one I needed to hear, I thrive on drama both in writing and production. As someone said to be once, “You can make anything sound dramatic, even waking up!” So it will be a world away from what I’m used to to create a video that has no drama for Assignment Two. This will be really interesting and I’m looking forward to it.


Edited video –

Here is the final version of my video following my tutor”s feedback.

Assignment One – Updated Version – ChloeClik from ChloeClik on Vimeo.

I changed the following as I reached the end of the course.

  • The credits.
  • Added diegetic background sound. Before I started this course I relied purely on music. Now I always look to include diegetic sound and record separate audio tracks.

I had mentioned that it would have been good to shoot at night. Peter said “Did you try lowering the brightness and/or giving it a slight blue cast”

I experimented with this as can be seen in the following frames. Whilst the effect worked I decided to keep the final video in the daylight but it was interesting to explore this possibility.


Feedback on assignment

Below are some of his comments that stood out.  My tutors comments appear in bold font. my own response is in italics.

You seem to have enjoyed the process and learned many worthwhile lessons making this video. Your level of engagement with the process bodes well for the rest of the unit.

I have copied and pasted your assignment notes and self assessment and made some annotations that I hope you find useful, I like to do this as it keeps my comments short and close to the point of reference, more like a face to face tutorial, I hope you agree.

This is a great way to work and I found it really insightful and informative. It definitely felt like a face to face tutorial. 

I think my annotations say most of what I need to but I have just one or two amplifications:

It is tempting to try to make videos full of drama and tension for these assignments and even the exercises/projects every time. However, great drama isn’t the only condition we find in our lives and exploring these other conditions is important, worthwhile and productive. Your next assignment deals with making something out of what may well seem to be mundane; the very stuff of so many New Wave and Realist/Neo-Realist movements (some links below).

I have to admit I’ve never watched New Wave movies (not to my knowledge anyway) and I’m not sure even what it is so I will start work on discovering about that genre. 

You mention thinking about shooting this in the evening…the usual filming trick is to use Day-for-Night filters to simulate the blue cast associated with night time but you can achieve a reasonable simulation by adding a blue cast and reducing the exposure/brightness in your video editor 

Although they can be expensive, a good video pan and tilt head is a worthwhile purchase. It will give you the possibility of much smoother panning and tilting where necessary.

I do have a carbon fibre tripod but didn’t use it for this as the camera needed to be low to the ground. Also I hand held the camera as it added a bit of dynamic movement to it. 

I am pleased to see that haven’t been suckered into using complex transitions between shots, sometimes cross-fades and so on can be appropriate but often they become repetitive and look amateurish.

The titles work pretty well though the credits at the end are not to my taste really but no matter.

Credits, noted. I will make sure I use general credits next time. I’d studied a lot of StarWars and that influenced me. 

I wrote in my assignment “My student research said a gloved hand promoted fear and denotes a criminal about to do something terrible.” Peter wrote,Did you work out why this is so?” Prior to this assignment I did some research of fear and why unrealistic things scare us, which you can see here. It would appear that it is to do with the connotations of the element and the relationship of ones imagination. A gloved hand, a shadow of a knife on the wall, all create a sense of fear inside us, a feeling that all is not right. In psychology we learn that whatever you think the mind believes and therefore generates the feelings and emotions to do with those thoughts. Though does this answer why a gloved hand is scary. If someone who had never watched TV before or had any contact with any media be it books, movies or audio tapes, would they feel the unsettling emotions on viewing despite never being exposed to it before. Yet at the same time, our imaginations are powerful. And perhaps someone who hasn’t been exposed to such images is more predisposed to feel the fear. The gloved hand appears out of context, it is unnatural, nerve wracking. They would not be used to seeing gloved hands in these situations This all combines to create a feeling of fear or wariness.

All in all a good start to the unit…let’s see where we get to next time.

 I’m really pleased with the feedback and am looking forward to working on Assignment Two. I am going to aim it to be as completely different as possible to the dramatic movie of Assignment One.  

You are engaging with the coursework well. The blog is certainly starting out well.

I am pleased to see that you are including thoughts on a whole range of things that are outside the unit itself. This is just what we want to see…you engagement with visual culture in general.

I was very pleased with this feedback and especially that he says my blog is working well. I will be working hard to ensure I research a wide variety of work in all sorts of subjects.