I did it!

Whenever I send off my assessment ready to be viewed there is a feeling of total control and no control. Control that you’ve done everything you can and everything comes down to this, and no control because there’s absolutely nothing you can do once you leave the parcel at the Post Office.

So I was a mix of calmness and frenzy panic but amazingly there was so much going on in my life with exciting new treatments for my health, my pet portrait business that suddenly the email arrived in my inbox one day. That terrifying email that you can’t quite bear to open.

And I passed!!!

I feel so happy, my score, 57 was better than last time though I still want to get into the 70’s and the assessors gave me some really constructive feedback which I was really pleased with though. My tutor told me before I got my results that you shouldn’t even focus on the score, that is just a guide. It’s those four little words that matter PASS and what you choose to do with them.

So now I am a Level Two student (which I can’t stop saying) and am furthering my adventure over heresunset_walk_by_chloeclik-d7e5qcd

“Overall Comments and Feed Forward

There are good moments in your films – like the nosy neighbour who comes around to give a pre- party complaint! We liked the way you pushed-in to the man with the dark glasses and made him feel imposing. And these characterizations could be the source of further developments in video.

You do need to work on your editing skills if you want to continue to work in video. There are a lot of very quick cuts here – for example when the woman in The Gift receives the gift at the door. They don’t give the viewer long enough to register the narrative elements. But apart from this, your camerawork often shows a dynamism in its movement that helps push the story along quickly.

Your preparation (storyboards and shot lists) for the Assignment 3 narrative are very good.

The documentary about life in the garden for Assignment 4 was a reasonably good attempt to find a story from a lot of different material of insects and plants. You needed to take a little more care with focus and lighting in this film. Such an exploration of a set space or theme can be fruitful for any project as a way of free-associating and generating ideas and content.


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