Dear Assessors

Dear Assessors

Welcome to my blog for Level One – Digital Film Production 1: Creative Concepts. I have structured this blog so you can either use the menu or search mode to find what you are looking for, also for ease of access I have included links to the four assignments and respective tutor feedback.

Assignment One    –    Assignment One Tutor FeedbackFinal video

Assignment Two     –   Assignment Two Tutor FeedbackFinal Video

Assignment Three  –   Assignment Three Tutor FeedbackFinal Video

Assignment Four  –    Assignment Four Tutor FeedbackFinal Video

Thank you.

Equipment used

– Canon Leigra camcorder HR56

– Canon EOS 70D – 18-55m

Laptop – Mac Book Pro

Editing Software – iMovie – I will be upgrading to Premiere.

What’s next – Despite starting the new photography course I am not going to leave movie making behind, I will aim to incorporate it into the new course. And also create personal projects. As this is the final day for updating my blog I haven’t chance to create my new idea but I have written some notes on what I will be doing.

The other day my sister who is having a terrible relapse of a chronic illness, M.E, was using Siri to write on her phone as she was too exhausted to talk. Listening to her happy message it was such a contrast to the exhaustion I could see, she could barely keep her head up, her breathing hard. The message sounded so happy though and it made me think of how things can easily be viewed another way. Whoever got the text would think she was well and happy but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Two ways of seeing something.

I aim to film this showing the two sides, it will only be about a minute long but I hope it will be thought provoking and raise awareness.



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