Assignment Three – Tutor Feedback

assignment 3_

annotatedtutor report assignment 3

I was pleased to receive the above tutor feedback of Assignment Three. You can read the whole thing in full but I will highlight below some comments to reflect on.

“Is the nature of the drink clear enough. I didn’t get the poison idea the first time wrong”

This is an interesting question. I ran it by several people both on the course and off and they all got the poison idea. He did say it could be just him but will the assessors see it the same way. If I was to change something I would perhaps add in her frowning at the drink to convey something was wrong. Though I don’t want to make it too obvious as it is meant to be implied. Something to think about. It’s 50 50 as to whether I edit it.

“Whenever possible try shooting some test footage in new locations/lighting conditions to assess exposure as well as any other issues”

This is a very good idea and one in which I’ve been experimenting with. The same can be applied to sound, checking the area before beginning.

“Perhaps you need to think about a separate recorder for dialogue or at least a supplementary gun microphone”

As this unit has now ended and I am moving onto Landscape photography I haven’t invested in external audio however had I been continuing this was something I would most definitely have done. As such I have been using the video recorder on iMovie for narration in Assignment four and filming sounds separately on my Canon DSLR.

“I think that this video has much to commend it”

A very nice comment to read.

“You should practice tracking (walking!) with the camera to get it smooth. There are times when slight movement up and down of the camera can add to the mood but often what is wanted is a smooth track.”

I did experiment by being in my wheelchair for this assignment however we have a crazy paving driveway and even laying down cardboard for the wheelchair didn’t ensure a smooth pan. I did find that working with my iPhone at one occasion in Assignment One was smoother, perhaps because it’s so light and easier to navigate. Image stabilisation on iMovie isn’t the best it gives it an almost distorted feeling of looking through water though I used IS on my camera.

“There seems to be a good quantity and quality of research going on. Remember to look beyond the confines of the unit to get some appreciation of the wider implications of cultural theory and then their implications for the particular medium we are dealing with. Look at ideas about The Gaze, Feminist and Poet-colonialist criticism, the implications of the questioning of the nature of The real and so on and so on.”

I’m very pleased about this especially as I have sought out variety of subjects to study, researching everything I come across from photography to psychology and the meaning of dreams and movies. On the first two courses, The Art of Photography and People and Place I don’t feel I researched enough but I suppose the point of making mistakes is to learn from them. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”

Perhaps you should think about keeping a scrapbook type journal as well as the blog ion which you can put tear-sheets, cuttings, etc as well as more personal and random thought on life the universe and everything!

I wish I had done this at the beginning of the course but it is not too late to start now so I have been gathering today work for Assignment Four which I will upload here. And I have already chosen a sketchbook and started it for the Landscape course.

Pointers for the next assignment / assessment

  • Think very carefully about the different ways that the idea of narrative can be approached and plan and shoot accordingly.
  • Think whether you want to inform your audience in a documentary sense or place the narrative in front of them for them to interpret.

I have posted a blog article on the many types of narrative and have chosen to do an expository documentary for Assignment four. It is also a mix between poetic. I decided to go for a telling documentary, whilst the end may be considered as an asking, on the whole it is indeed a telling.



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