Aiming High

I’ve always planned to work towards the full degree and secretly I desperately want to achieve a first. I know that this is immensely hard to accomplish but either way I am inspired and more motivated than ever. Though I put my heart into my work, my results last assessment  didn’t improve by very much. So I  have started doing some research on how to obtain a good mark and thought I’d write them down here.

“To get a first class degree you have to read around your topic (outside of the reading list) and interpret the ideas for yourself – always be critical as while your lecturer may not agree it shows you are driven by the subject.”

“Don’t just rely on the internet as a source of all wisdom; the best students will use a range of different sources from ancient textbooks to online journals.”

“In the case of a written essay, a first class degree student will suggest one of their own ideas and then use critical sources to support them, not the other way round.”


The key is to ask yourself the following when you look at your assignment or exam question :

  • · What have I learned on this subject so far
  • · What will I need to demonstrate I have understood from the course content I have received
  • · What details will I need to research to show I have expanded my knowledge
  • · How can I demonstrate I have used course content, research and practical assignments as a basis for the conclusions in this piece of work.
  • · What can I add to this work that will show I have gone above and beyond the expected standard?.

I also spoke to my friend who achieved a first in her R.E degree and asked her for some tips. Her advice was brilliant. She told me that in GCSE the topic chosen was more generalised. For A Level the subject would be more specific and for degree work she would choose one specific thing, for example, a quote and explore every avenue and branch to obtain the best view and analysis of it.

And of course to do lots of critical reading, research and investigation into cultural theory.


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