Part Four

And I am onto Part Four. Can’t believe the course is almost over, I just love making movies so much, every single day is filled with so much fun and interest I feel so happy doing this course. But nothing lasts forever and I’m sure this next part will not be the easiest. I am thinking ahead for the documentary and have lots of ideas. At first, I was thinking I would film it at the local zoo but then I remembered how I am ill every time I go there so decided to choose a place I could go to frequently. So at present I’ve chosen Lytham seafront, it’s a nice stretch of green grass, a simple promenade and sea views. But what I really want to focus on are the people, the stories played out there every day. I already know that I want to show it dawn until dusk.

Below are some ideas I have for it.

  • Starting with a sunrise over the sea. Gentle imagery. Try and get earlier and watch the murmuration of starlings. Should be a nice opening.
  • Dogs fill the promenade. On a trip there the other day I came across more than ten dogs in five minutes.   Narration – “There’s something in the air. The pound of excited paws, yawning owners and a volley of barks fill the misty air. William Tell esque music and paws start bounding across the prom. Wet noses. Will take my friends dog there early morning. Tracking shot in mobility scooter racing dog in it.

I will fill in more ideas as I think about it.


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