Exercise – Atmosphere Two

I enjoyed the atmosphere exercise so much that I went on a trip to the Lake District and filmed the atmosphere there. I ended up shooting several versions of atmosphere which you can see below.

Exercise – Atmosphere Two from ChloeClik on Vimeo.

Cosy – Shot in Lakeland Plastics I included macro shots of the tea and hands reading a bird book. Then a wider shot of the tea cake. I included the general hubbub of the restaurant and then used music from iMovie, Bossa Lounger Lounge, dropping the volume to create the ambience of a record playing softly in a restaurant.

Sleet – While in the restaurant I started filming, suddenly, thunder (though I used a sound recording) and it started snowing! I considered myself very lucky that day. I filmed people escaping the sudden change in weather and a close up of the train (also lucky that it happened to arrive at that point) I included the sound of heavy rain and wailing wind.

By the Lake – I wanted to create a colourful atmosphere of being by the lake, boat engines, squalling seagulls mixed in with the reflection on the water and a sign saying danger.

Peaceful – To mix things up a little I wanted to use similar shots to create a completely different atmosphere. I chose the boat coming in softly, decreasing the volume with shots of the harbour and the swans (associated with serenity) Also I included the daffodil lined banking.

Rain again. I decided to try something different and filmed the wind wipers going up at Lakeland Plastics and then down when we were parked by the lake, I’m going to be using this in my next video of Scotland (upcoming) Focusing on the raindrops the Chinese tourists coats stood out even more, splashes of colour on the rainy day.



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