Exercise – Depth with Lighting

There is always an exercise that eats away at your morale and brings you to the edge (photographic wise) for me it’s always one to do with light.  It didn’t help that I was feeling pretty exhausted when I started it, the first try didn’t work and I felt really ill so decided to do some research, watch some movies and return to it in the next few days.

I found this fascinating article on creating depth in the frame and researched on google images looking at photos of people at night in dark rooms, lit by candlelight and other forms of light.

“One of the easiest ways to use lighting in photography to create the illusion of depth is to place your well-lit main subject in the upper third of the frame. This area is usually reserved for the background, but by placing your main subject deep within the frame, you’re creating an added sense of depth.”

I returned to it the next day and shot it this time in my sister’s bedroom, the combination of my M.E, the lights flashing around in the pitch blackness made me feel really sick and I had to stop. I ended up feeling seriously sick for two hours, I felt horrendous really.

With that in mind I can’t face doing it again so I’m going to accept the photos I took and just move on with the course. There is no point in making myself feel ill with it though I am disappointed. But health comes first.

Taken with Canon 60D and iPhone 5c



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