Film Collaboration

Signs of Spring – OCA Collaboration from ChloeClik on Vimeo.

In the course information it stated that movie making can be an individual experience or a group experience. This really appealed to me, whilst I enjoy working on projects on my own I also really enjoy sharing ideas and creating something big together.  With this in mind I decided to set up a film collaboration with fellow course students.

I ran a few ideas through my head but the important thing was that it would work for anyone wherever they were in the world, also that is was accessible and didn’t prevent some people taking part. I wanted it to be visually attractive and be diverse while at the same time following a theme.  I decided to follow my first idea. As Spring was shooting up Signs of Spring was born. I know that many of my OCA friends are all spread out across the world and thought it would be really fun to create a unique transition between each person.

Now it was just a matter of gathering collaborators. I have set up a group on Facebook for Digital Film Production which I run with fellow OCA student Paul and sent out the word about the project there. There are only a few of us doing the course at the moment and I thought of my OCA photography friends who all had video equipment. I spoke about the project on the Facebook page OCA Photography – Level One. Over the course of the day my phone was pinging with members who wanted to take part. It was very exciting and I couldn’t wait to start and see the finished result.

As of yet we have the following members taking part.

Myself – Lancashire

Paul – North West

Blas – Spain

Nuala – Ireland

Lynda – Canada

Leonie – India

Ashley – Germany

I created and sent out the following information to each collaborator.



The transitions were to be creative, fun and unique and would be discussed as each happened. In the end however it worked much more successfully to use a simple transition. Keeping the focus on the photography and the naturalness of it all.



2 thoughts on “Film Collaboration

    • Aw same, really looking forward to seeing what everyone brings together. We should work on the transition thing as well if I throw the camera to you and then you to whoever. We should choose something that represents where we live 🙂


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