I am lucky that I have a lot of choice of people who I can cast in my movies, mostly my family, Mum (Anne) Dad (Ken) and sister Amber. My cat Skye is also a great actor but demanding and quite temperamental on occasions.

Anne – She is a great actor but has a low ego yet I feel she is very good. In ‘The Stranger’ video she conveyed fear very well, she followed instructions well, listened closely and improvised.

Ken – He is also excellent, though kind and I often choose not to include a speaking part as he tries to sound scary but is about as scary as a teddy bear. His acting and expressions though are great work and in that respect I often cast him as the bad guy. He does like to ad lib which is excellent but occasionally he fails to listen to instructions and on some occasions I look up from the camera to say action and he’s wandered off.

Amber – Amber is very good at acting natural parts though occasionally can’t keep a straight face through more tense scenes. I usually cast her as the sister or main character but haven’t yet tried her as the bad guy. She follows instructions very well and is also very beautiful so fits well in the role of main character. Unfortunately she suffers from the same illness as me and is not always well enough to be filmed.

Skye – Skye my cat usually appears as the bad guys familiar. He is good at following directions as a treat is a good bribe and he loves running towards the camera. He does however have a tendency of getting carried away and racing off through the gates where I can’t get him.

So that is how I feel my actors are, I decided I would ask them how they feel I am as a director and cinematographer.

Anne – “I think you are good and produce a good product. If you want to improve you need to be clear about your instructions and ensure that Ken is listening. You need to be clear when you want us to start and end. Yeah…thought you did well.”

Ken –  “I think to be honest Chloe, you tend to assume that I know more and am better at improvising and catching on that I actually am. If you are shooting people it’s a good idea to explain carefully. Don’t assume that the person you are dealing with will immediately grasp exactly what’s required of them. Always explain clearly and carefully what is required and give them a chance to ask questions.”

After that I asked if there was anything positive he had to say

“You know what you want and are very enthusiastic. You’re very good at improvising if things don’t quite work out. The plots are always interesting and enjoyable and well worth watchings”

Amber – I think you are very enthusiastic and imaginative. Sometimes you get it all together but sometimes I think you get a bit distracted with new ideas that don’t always work. You might go ‘ooh let’s do this’ but you don’t always think about the practicalities. But overall you are really good and always put together a great video and always make it clear what to do and you’ve very patient because Dad behaved in the video not listening and wandering off and you dealt with it well.”

Skye – no comment.

I’m thinking of searching for some more actors through my friends to get some different shots.


I was slightly surprised by the comments so therefore I’m pleased I asked them. I think we both understand each other now and after the next shoot I will ask his opinion and see if I’ve improved. So I will focus on expressing clearly what I want. My problem is that my mind works at a hundred miles an hour, I speak really fast and expect everyone to follow what I’m doing and understand. When I read something aloud I’m already reading the next few sentences.  So I need to work on that. Communicating clearly how to express ideas and instructions to my actors. I will review this after my next video and see if I have improved. So there we go, you can have a weakness without really knowing it is one 🙂


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