Frame Analysis – Heartbeat

Recently I haven’t been feeling too well so have been basically sitting on the couch feeling pretty ill and watching lots of TV. The TV programme of my choice was series fifteen of Heartbeat and I was particularly interested in this scene below and how the lighting and camera angle expressed the characters and plot.

Oscar (played by Derek Fowlds) has been wrongly accused for a crime he didn’t commit and Gina  (Tricia Penrose) has come to visit him to try and find a way to prove his innocence.


The scene starts with a high angle of the prison cell as Gina goes to see Oscar. The high angle denotes feelings of vulnerability of his predicament. The scene says that is is a hopeless situation and filmed that way to promote feelings of nervousness and fear. The lighting is dark and grey adding to the mood with the only splashes of light just behind the actors heads.

12810276_938468079594796_1809347703_oThe cell is dark but Gina is here and we suddenly see her as the ‘knight in shining armour’ quite literally as she sits down on the prison bed and her face is completely lit up in contrast to poor old Oscar who is completely in shadow. It shows that he is in trouble and Gina is here to rescue him. Almost illuminated like some angelic spectre. 12825093_938468096261461_620319622_n

I found this very interesting on using lighting to reflect mood and storyline and have decided to look further into the many types of lighting and the effects it can convey.


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