Yarn Bombing

I was scanning the local art festivals Facebook page yesterday and found out that a corner of Lytham had been completely transformed with knitting and crochet works over night, wool wrapped around lampposts, dangling from trees and pom poms dancing in the sun. I definitely wanted to see it and decided to create a little one minute video with some cheerful music in the background to show the art instalments and show the vibrant colours and skill of all those involved.

I decided to take my Canon 70D camera, (love the filming auto focus) and pondered over lenses. I love my 50mm but for some reason without a tripod it produces quite shaky footage. I stuck with the 18-135mm on the 70D and brought a back up 50mm just in case there was opportunity to bring the monopod out.

Usually when I start a video I have a few pictures instantly in my mind. So for this,

I see a pom pom or something blowing in the wind. 

A nice pan up a lamppost

And some knitting hanging from the trees

Macros of the knitted flowers

And the rest will be spontaneous joy 🙂

As we arrived I could see the corner of Lytham by the library had been transformed into a psychedelic world of knitting and yarn, pom poms danced high up in the trees while a bench was looking snug in it’s knitted blanket. Children had hung up little bunting and the bushes were filled with knitted flowers. It was really beautiful. Everyone was taking photos on their phone and I felt quite overwhelming with two big cameras, two camera bags and a monopod!

I took snippets of video focusing on lots of the little details then pulling back to capture more. When we’d looked around we took a break (everyone but me were absolutely freezing) so we decided to grab a cup of tea and cake at the local coffee shop. I stuck with my camera and was glad I did as there was a really nice art decor feeling to the cafe and the oreo cheesecake I was presented with looked like it had been made in a michelin star cafe!

On getting home I dragged all the footage into iMovie, used a funky guitar track (from iMovie) and uploaded the whole thing on Vimeo.

I got a lot of great feedback and the festival site shared it on their page which was really lovely to wake up to.


Art Weekend in Lytham from ChloeClik on Vimeo.

Things I like about the video. 

I like the colour, the way the shots all lead into one another, the aperture, depth of field and the way the music adds to it all.

Things to improve. 

It’s clear some of the footage is shaky which is frustrating but always happens on the 50mm. When I use a monopod it is better though hard to position for some angles.

We are all going to a beautiful park today so I will document that as well and this time shoot on my handheld Canon camcorder. It doesn’t have selective focus but the camcorders quality is always really impressive especially for such a small little thing. I recently filmed a forty minute movie on it for my Mum’s birthday, the whole family teamed together to secretly film it and surprised her with it on her birthday. We all acted in it and there were a lot of exciting action scenes.

So I will try and get some ‘steady’ and nice close ups on the food, the nature and the scenery and will upload a little video of it later. Well I better go and get ready.


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