The Course Begins

Hello and welcome to my new blog for my journey as I work towards my photography degree through the OCA. I’ve been studying photography for the last two years through the courses the Art of Photography and People and Place and now have made the very exciting jump to Digital Film Production, Creative Concepts i.e, making movies. I am so excited to begin. My course materials haven’t even arrived but I’ve been watching movies, analysing cinematography, creating storyboards, studying the brilliant book The Technique of Film and Video Editing and reading about all the different types of shots. I’m so passionate about this course I was even reading that for light bedtime reading!

I guess I should introduce myself, my name is Chloe, I’m 23 and am now officially a film student. I love photography, art, writing, music, guitar and so much more. This seems the ultimate course for me as I can incorporate all my main loves, photography, filming, I can draw up storyboards, write plots and use my own music to accompany my videos.

As the course hasn’t arrived yet I can’t start planning any projects but undoubtedly somewhere in the clips will feature animals and probably someone with magical powers like telekinesis. I do love creating videos with magical effects but trying to create those effects in camera as opposed to post production. Just like the director who directed Push, he wanted to create the effects in camera and not in PP.

I am going to put my heart and soul into the work, be dedicated and passionate and I am looking forward to being able to look back and seeing how far I’ve come and the videos I’ve made 🙂


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